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CCS6610N56-Seat Coach, Chicago & North Western - 400Centralia Car ShopsPreorder [2/18]$36.99
CCS6611N56-Seat Coach, Chicago Burlington & Quincy - SilverCentralia Car ShopsPreorder [2/18]$36.99
CCS6612N56-Seat Coach, Chicago & North Western - StreamlinerCentralia Car ShopsPreorder [2/18]$36.99
CCS6613N56-Seat Coach, Northern Pacific - LoewyCentralia Car ShopsPreorder [2/18]$36.99
CCS6614N56-Seat Coach, Great Northern - Empire BuilderCentralia Car ShopsPreorder [2/18]$36.99
CCS6615N56-Seat Coach, Great Northern - Big Sky BlueCentralia Car ShopsPreorder [2/18]$36.99
CCS6616N56-Seat Coach, Union Pacific - GrayCentralia Car ShopsPreorder [2/18]$36.99
CCS6617N56-Seat Coach, Great Northern - Cascade GreenCentralia Car ShopsPreorder [2/18]$36.99
CCS6618N56-Seat Coach, Burlington NorthernCentralia Car ShopsPreorder [2/18]$36.99
CCS6619N56-Seat Coach, Northern Pacific - Pine TreeCentralia Car ShopsPreorder [2/18]$36.99
CCS6621N56-Seat Coach, Spokane Portland & SeattleCentralia Car ShopsPreorder [2/18]$36.99
CCS6622N56-Seat Coach, Ferrocarril del PacificoCentralia Car ShopsPreorder [2/18]$36.99
CCS6800N4-4-2 Sleeper, Pennsylvania RailroadCentralia Car ShopsPreorder [1/18]$42.99
CCS6801N4-4-2 Sleeper, Union PacificCentralia Car ShopsPreorder [1/18]$42.99
CCS6802N4-4-2 Sleeper, Southern Pacific - LarkCentralia Car ShopsAvailable$42.99
CCS6803N4-4-2 Sleeper, Pennsylvania Railroad - Fleet of ModernismCentralia Car ShopsPreorder [1/18]$42.99
CCS6804N4-4-2 Sleeper, New York Central - 20th CenturyCentralia Car ShopsPreorder [1/18]$42.99
CCS6805N4-4-2 Sleeper, Illinois CentralCentralia Car ShopsPreorder [1/18]$42.99
CCS6806N4-4-2 Sleeper, Southern Pacific - Sunset LimitedCentralia Car ShopsPreorder [1/18]$42.99
CCS6807N4-4-2 Sleeper, Rock Island - Golden StateCentralia Car ShopsPreorder [1/18]$42.99
CCS6808N4-4-2 Sleeper, Atlantic Coast LineCentralia Car ShopsPreorder [1/18]$42.99
CCS6809N4-4-2 Sleeper, Canadian NationalCentralia Car ShopsPreorder [1/18]$42.99
CCS6810N4-4-2 Sleeper, Chicago & North WesternCentralia Car ShopsPreorder [1/18]$42.99
CCS6811N4-4-2 Sleeper, Union Pacific - OverlandCentralia Car ShopsPreorder [1/18]$42.99
CCS6812N4-4-2 Sleeper, New York CentralCentralia Car ShopsPreorder [1/18]$42.99
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